White Privilege, Black School


30 year old poses as 17 year old high school basketball star, while LIVING with the coach!

How the establishment will steal the nomination from Trump and Bernie.

Dear Bernie Sanders supporters, I have a quick message for you.

If you are voting for Hillary Clinton, shame on you! Do more research before you vote for vile human beings.

Socialism is theft, and theft is wrong. Don't vote Bernie.

I explain the number one reason that I will not be voting for Trump. Hint: It isn't because he is "racist".

The media storm surrounding Robert Deniros film festival, Tribeca has been outlandish. The media bias is out in full force, and in this video I discover the truth behind the film Vaxxed.

If you are a man, and you are dating a feminist, a progressive, or a social justice warrior, I feel bad for you. Not only would that be a nightmare, but now you might have to deal with #votetrumpgetdumped . No lovin' for you tonight you dirty Trump voter!

Propaganda infests the media. If you want to see a daily example of it, just take a look at the Youtube trending page. It is chock fill of liberal leftist propaganda.

More hardcore racism from the regressive left. This time it is from some Black Lives Matter debaters at Harvard. Yes, you heard me right, HARVARD. 

Bernie Sanders pushing more of his racist rhetoric. It is time for people to start voicing against all of this racist nonsense. 

The Earth is flat and we live under a holographic globe. I understand being a truthseeker, but sometimes it goes to far. In the end, pushing over the top theories detracts from blatant hoaxes and false flags. Please do your research before you fall for flat earth type scams.

The fat shaming BS is so played out. If you want to be fat, that's fine, but don't expect everyone else to like it.

Trump spouting off some more public shilling. This is all being done to make anyone searching for truth look like crazy, nutty conspiracy theorists. Don't buy the shilling!

The freedom of anonymous internet is soon to come to an end. The government and it's corporate sponsors and bosses want us all to have our name,face, and location plastered everywhere. Fight back and ensure future generations can enjoy a free and open internet!

The "new" Ghostbusters movie has an all female cast. Let's just completely change every character into something they are not for the sake of equality. Why can't these writers just come up with new material?

Modern music is utter trash. Most "artists" don't even write their own music or play any instruments.

People react to anything associated with blackface like a bunch of rabid animals. Hilarious!

Are men and women equal? What would happen if western civilization crumbled?

A lot of people are talking about #freekesha right now. But what is the real story driving this case? Is Ke$ha Lying? Is she trapped in an abusive relationship?

David Rothschild has made his Presidential Election predictions. Do you agree with David De Rothschild? I have made my predictions, what do you think?

The E-coli breakout at Chipotle made waves in the media. A new theory involving corporate Bioterror and Espionage is now floating about. What do you think? Is Chipotle just a dirty infected restaurant, or have they been setup by a competitor or political opponent?

I have a really good theory of who will win the 2016 Presidential Elections. I have thought this for quite some time, so I decided to share my prediction with everyone else. What do you think? Who do you think will win the 2016 elections?

This video discusses people pre-judging others based on looks alone. Don't judge a book by it's cover, as you may be surprised!