Donald Trump Attacked By Debate Moderator

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off for the first presidential debate. Donald Trump opted for a blue power tie, and Hillary Clinton wore a soggy looking pantsuit. I am biased. I want Hillary Clinton to lose, and I want her to lose bad. When I watch the mainstream media trashing Trump, and now even ENDORSING Hillary Clinton, it raises many questions. You cannot argue that the mainstream news outlets are biased. Anyone hoping to maintain gainful employment has to work for the establishment. I believe that the moderator was also working for the establishment.

    He saved all of the hard hitting questions for Trump. He called out Donald numerous times throughout the debate, and each one of them was a Hillary Clinton campaign talking point. It almost seemed as if he had Hillary Clinton's campaign website open in front of him, and used each campaign tool against him. It went much too far, and I think that the American people will see this as the news cycle continues on the bash-fest.

    Some of the questions Trump were asked were framed in such a way that there was no possible way for him to win. He was asked about his "racist" Obama birth certificate quest. He was asked about calling Rosie O'donnell a fat pig. His taxes were a huge topic, they spent almost ten minutes discussing taxes alone. The blatant attacks against Trump by Lester Holt were almost inescapable. Donald Trump spent the entire debate fending off attacks that were prompted by Lester.

    Hillary Clinton was left off the hook. Her record was rarely questioned. Her lies were never called into play. Haiti was not discussed. She had a walk in the park, and still came off looking weak. Benghazi was never addressed, and her pay to play Clinton foundation was never even mentioned. Hillary Clinton was the subject of a massive FBI investigation, and the email scandal was only rarely mentioned. The most memorable quote of the evening, was when Trump was asked about releasing his taxes:

"As soon as Hillary Clinton releases her 33,000 deleted emails, I will release my taxes against the advice of my lawyers."

    After The New York Times officially endorsed Hillary Clinton recently, we now know that the gloves are off. The MSM is more interested in protecting the criminal establishment than it is in doing it's job. Boycott ALL mainstream news outlets!