Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton, A Slap In The Face



    Bernie Sanders created a movement behind himself. The American people have been clamoring for something different, someone that represents what they want. Bernie Sanders rallies were filled with energy. Thousands of Sanders supporters filled huge auditoriums to see the anti-establishment candidate. Bernie supporters were very vocal, especially the young people and the college crowd. I was happy to see the support in a way. It reminded me of the Ron Paul revolution. It provided a small sliver of hope to me, that people were finally starting to wake up to the corrupt political system. Bernie Sanders had a long hard road in front of him, but he had the support of the people.

    Bernie Sanders had a different approach than candidates of the past. He did not fund his campaign using corporation money. He refused to be owned by special interest groups. Most of his funds came from every day hard working Americans. His campaign seemed special. During the time I spend discussing politics, I encountered many people that believed that Bernie was truly an independent. They claimed that he was anti-Wall Street, anti-war, and anti-money in politics. They said he was going to change the country, and work for the people. People believed that they would get free college and free healthcare.

    Bernie Sanders often touted how principled he was. He told his supporters that he was the true independent candidate. He showed everyone that he has a majorly consistent record, and always voted in the favor of the people. He also claimed to be honest. Today is a dark day for Sanders supporters. Today, Sanders joined the most corrupt lying politician in American history on stage: Hillary Clinton. They joined hands as he told the audience that he was endorsing her for President. He told the crowd that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure that she was the next President. What a slap in the face!!!

  Hillary Clinton is the exact opposite of everything that Bernie Sanders claimed to be. She is very well known for lying about everything. She lies so much people cannot even tell when she is telling the truth, if she is telling the truth. The Clinton machine has a long history of corruption. Not only do they not work for the people, but they are fully funded by the big banks on Wall Street that Bernie wishes to fight. Hillary Clinton is a majorly pro-war candidate. As Secretary Of State, she literally ordered drone strikes with her Blackberry smartphone. She works directly with some of the most oppressive regimes in the world that truly oppress women and the LGBT community. Would you take money from a dictator that kills people for being? Would you take a donation from someone that just ordered a rape victim to be stoned to death? I know I wouldn't.

    I could go on forever bashing Hillary. I could go on forever making fun of all of the Bernie supporters that I have been warning all along. Instead, I would like to look at this as a potentially good event. To all of you Bernie Sanders supporters, I do feel the pain and I have sympathy for how terrible you must feel right now. I hope you take this opportunity to reflect on why he would do something that goes against EVERYTHING he believes in. Our political system is broken and corrupt. The elite political class that runs this country, run it for themselves without even spending a passing thought on the citizens of this country. I hope that you can see past the media propaganda, and see this for what it truly is, a massive insider play.

     The establishment will not be threatened, and they will take you for a ride every time.