What Does Sheeple Mean?

    People often question the name of my website and blog. I am often asked who the wolves are, and who the sheeple are. People also ask me if I am the wolf. Yes, my handle is indeed Winston The Wolf, but I am definitely not one of the wolves. The wolves in this world are the people and organizations at the top, feeding their thirst for money and power off of the innocent sheep at the bottom. The easiest examples of this would be governments around the world. Most governments operate with little to no input from the average citizen. In the USA for instance, we elect representatives that then draft and implement legislation that the people then must abide by. In most cases, the legislation is written for the benefit of the ruling class, the wolves. The Affordable Healthcare Act is a great example of this. The government sells it to the people with the help of the media, and then the "sheeple" are led to believe it is for their benefit. In reality, this legislation was a money grab by the ruling class. A lot of large corporate healthcare insurance companies are now raking in the dough. This is a classic wolves and sheeple scenario.

Sheeple, Media, And Politics

    In the United States, the everyday person consumes massive amounts of media. Music, News, Movies, Video Games, Social Media, Advertisements, and more. The media is controlled by a small handful of very large and very powerful media corporations. A uniform message is created and then dispersed to the American public. The purpose of this, is to further prey on the sheeple. It helps control people, I helps form the opinions of the sheeple, and influences the final vote that a person will cast. You can see with the current political climate, that a lot of the sheeple have bought the story that they are selling. Do a google search for "Donald Trump racist" and you will find pages and pages of articles and stories calling Trump a racist. The more information you see being spread by the mainstream media (or MSM for short), the more important it is to whatever agenda they are pushing. The Wolves want us to believe that Donald Trump is a racist in order to prevent people from voting for him.

Are Sheeple BAD??                            

    NO! Sheeple are not bad. Sheeple make up the majority of the people in this world. Sheeple are not doing anything wrong at all, in fact, most people should be expected to fall in this category. The massive amounts of media thrown at the average person in a day is staggering. The tactics used by the media machine is very calculated, very organized, and very efficient. I know, some sheeple think that people that think like me are nuts. We are viewed as tinfoil hat wearing "conspiracy theorists." Many people will dismiss discussions or ideas like this. They will scoff is someone tells them that the media is a controlled propaganda machine. This is to be expected. This is a natural human response. Humans are naturally threatened and scared when they have their belief set challenged. I believe that this comes down to the natural fight or flight response system. People naturally fall into comfort zones because there is no risk involved, no threat of changing seemingly acceptable thought processes. This is the result of the wolves creating a very comfortable and consumerist driven lifestyle for the citizens of this country. Americans are comfortable. There are very few threats for most people. We do not have a looming invasion next door, or threats of a military coo. The obesity epidemic in this country is the result of this lifestyle, and that is exactly what the wolves want, complacency. A fat and comfortable population offers little to no resistance.

How Do We Help The Sheeple?                  

    This is a difficult challenge. My personal way of helping educate people is to live and spread truth. I try my best to shed light on subjects that most people do not talk about offline. I place emphasis on current events, rejecting lies and propaganda where I see them. For most people, the journey from sheeple to "awake" is a very long road. I started out my own journey by learning about how the country really operates. From the media, to politics, I started noticing that things were not quite  what they seemed to be. I realized the political game was rigged. I realized that the media was a deliberately controlled propaganda machine. I attribute my awareness to my overall rebellious nature. I always questioned authority, which made it easier for me to "wake up." I spent most of my life thinking that there was nothing I could do to help people. I thought that the sheeple were just too far gone. I was wrong - dead wrong. The last 10 years have shown that more people are unhappy with the way things are. The Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump support have shown that people are sick and tired of the system. I think that at this point in history more and more people will be willing to listen to different ideas and different viewpoints. I finally decided that enough was enough, and it was my turn to help humanity in anyway that I could. This website, podcast, and YouTube channel are my efforts to spread the word. If you are reading this, and you think that I am crazy, please reach out. Allow me to share some different ideas with you. Let's talk about things, and maybe I can help you shed your wool.