The Lesser Of Two Evils

 The two party system is absolutely corrupt. The party bosses on both sides of the political table control which puppet gets elected. The nominating process is just a thinly veiled lie, giving the people the illusion that they can make a difference in which candidate becomes the nominee. Primary voting makes little to no difference. Campaign contributions do not matter. Supporting your favorite Republican or Democrat doesn't make any type of difference either. At the end of the "campaign trail" the chosen ones will be chosen. Ron Paul was robbed of the nomination. Will Trump be robbed as well? I think there is a very good chance of that happening.

    When the general elections take place, people will come out in droves, supporting their favorite candidate. Yard signs will go up, and bumper stickers will be smacked on the back of SUV's everywhere. The vast majority of voters will be checking the D or R boxes, like good little sheeple. Some people, will even be educated, and know that the person they are voting for is not good. Other people, will be voting just to spite the opposing candidate. This tradition comes to pass every four years, where the sheeple line up to decide which corrupt and lying puppet will read the teleprompters for the next four years.

    The lesser of two evils argument, is by far my favorite type of voting. "We MUST vote for Romney, Obama can't win!" This argument gets tossed around like crazy, and people eat it up like it's a their last meal. If you even suggest voting third party, or even not voting at all, people will tell you that you are "throwing your vote away". The looming threat of the political opponent on the other side of the table is always the main focus. This cycle, it will be the same. People are going to fervently tell each other that they MUST vote for the Republican, or else Hillary will win. And to that I say, so what. 

    This election, like the last, I will be casting my vote in defiance of the vile power structures that infest our political system. I believe that voting for a Republican or  a Democrat is a wasted vote. The political agenda forced upon the American people continues pushing forward, regardless of which party is in charge. So what is the solution? Waking people up. Waking people up to the illusion of choice and free will. Shining a spotlight on the system, and then standing against it. As a hypothetical scenario, imagine you are forced to have someone over to your house for dinner, and your choices consist of a serial rapist, and a serial killer. Which one do you choose? Evil is still evil, and I vote for neither.

    This election, I urge everyone to vote third party, if you are going to vote at all. Voting third party is a signal to the establishment that we are not to be fooled, that we are aware of their lies and schemes. If everyone moved away from the two party system, things might change. If we put our focus and energy into ousting the R and D team from our country, we might stand a chance. This Election, I will be voting for Gary Johnson from the Libertarian party, and I suggest you do the same. Let the corruption in Washington know that you won't play their game.