Why did Rand Paul end his presidential campaign?

Why did Rand Paul quit his campaign?

Rand Paul is the only candidate that is running in the big two that I would even consider voting for or supporting. He is the son of the long time congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul. Ron Paul created an amazing community of liberty minded people that were beginning to wake up to the reality we live in. He created a message of freedom and limited government. He created a legacy. I believe that Ron Paul never expected to, or even wanted to win the election. I believe that Ron Paul was planning a lifelong strategy to get his son Rand Paul elected.

Things didn’t quite work out as planned…

Earlier last year Rand Paul was making headlines with his drone filibuster and his message of liberty was starting to make big waves. Everyone was excited and hoping that he would be running for president. When his announcement came, a lot of people, including myself, were very excited. It appeared that there might be some light at the end of the tyranny tunnel.  He gave me real, tangible hope. The funny thing is, I knew exactly what he was going to do. He was going to grab the ball from his father, and run with it. Ron Paul was never electable, he knew that, and we all knew that. Ron Paul created an incredible Libertarian base that was his loyal soldiers in the political war.

In the beginning, the Ron Paul crew stood with Rand. Everyone  had stars in their eyes and thought that things were going to change. Unfortunately Rand had to play the political game. He had to court the Jewish lobby. He had to say that he wanted to increase defense spending in order to have themilitary industrial complex back him. He had to take it easy on the whole “End The Fed” skit in order to get the okay from the power brokers in the large banking institutions. He had to do and say all of these things in order to even have a small chance of making it to the national convention.

People did not realize what he was doing…

As Rand was courting the political powers, the Liberty Movement backlashed in a major way. People started accusing him of flip flopping. People started calling him a shill. The community started saying things like “he isn’t like his Dad”, and called him “just another Republican”.  This made me very sad. I was saddened that people did not see what was really going on. I felt that the community wasn’t quite as awake as I had previously thought. Even some of the most prevalent libertarians and conspiracy type people jumped of the Rand train.The hopes and dreams I had for the future were hit with another road block.

What we can learn moving forward

Ron and Rand have done some incredible things. I fully support them in anything they do, and I trust them completely. I have the utmost respect for the Paul family. We can now surmise that people are not as awake and aware as we thought before. We have a long way moving forward to educating the slumbering citizens of the world. We have a long hard road to freedom, and we need to keep pushing forward. We need to work together to educate people so that the next Rand Paul can have total success.