Read Between The Lines

I have been having a lot of conversations with people recently, many of them centered around politics and the next election. The common tone I receive from most people, is that they still believe that this is a game that has rules to be followed. They still see this a system that runs as designed. In a way, it does. This political game is designed specifically so that the powers that be can pick and choose the "winners" and "losers". In reality, there are no losers. Everyone in power wins. Everyone that plays the game for the Elites wins in one way or another. The only losers in our political system are We The People.

If you look back over the course of history, you will see that the globalist agenda pushes forward, no matter who is elected or from what party. They all play for the same team, the "US" team. They see the world through the lense of us versus them, and the US always wins. If a Democrat wins, the agenda of war pushes forward. If a Republican wins, the agenda of war pushes forward. Until the vast majority of people wake up, this will never change. They will continue to take the stage providing an entertaining charade of authenticity. There is virtually no difference between a Republican president, or a Democrat president.

I challenge anyone reading this to show me the difference between the two sides. I would really like to see if anyone can show me any type of noticeable difference. Our world is still in perpetual never ending war. Our quality of life continues to decline. The talking points on either side of the aisle sound different on the news reels, but at the end of the day, they all do the same things. Laws are created to push the agenda forward, and legislation continues to crush the last freedoms that we maintain.

Once you wake up to what this world really is, you begin to really read between the lines.Every single piece of media, from movies to news, ends up falling right into the propaganda. I look at things differently, always asking deeper questions. When you see something on TV or in the news, ask yourself what they are really trying to portray. It will typically have a larger underlying motive, in order to achieve the thought process they are after from the sheeple. 

This is all a game, and humanity is losing.