#32 Live, Raw, and uncut! Hillary Clinton and the robbery of haiti.

Welcome to our first live stream podcast! See how I perform in almost two hours of constant content with no assistance from anyone except for the internet and a few comments from our supporters. What do you think? Should I continue to do shows in this format? Do you like it live?

#31 Democratic Corruption With Contrarian Dude

The 2016 Democratic National Convention was a joke! Contrarian Dude joins us this week to cover all of the political scandals coming out of the left. We cover all of the latest and greatest political scandals. This is a wonderful time to be paying attention to the political corruption that rules this country. Could this be a sign that the people are winning? Be sure to check out Contrarian Dude:
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#30 The Fall Of The Democratic Party #DNCLeak 2016

The Democratic Party is falling before our eyes. The 2016 DNC was the biggest political joke of this entire election season. The outright corruption of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media has people pissed off and up in arms. The protests have been even larger than anything that happened at the RNC. I believe we are seeing the last breaths of the Democratic party. The treatment of Bernie Sanders was not received well by his supporters.

#29 ODD TV Flat Earth Reality

ODD TV / ODD Reality joins us on a trip down the rabbit hole. The flat earth theory is a popular conspiracy theory among the truth seeking community. I personally do not subscribe to this theory, however we live in a world where anything can be possible. We also discuss the reality we live in and whether or not we live in a natural reality or a manufactured computer simulation. ODD Reality is an America based rap artist that creates original songs discussing the reality we live in. The New World Order, Illuminati, and government corruption are common themes found in his art. Be sure to check out ODD Reality:
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#28 Mike The Night Ripper OBDM Podcast

Mike The Night Ripper from The Our Big Dumb Mouth Podcast joins us for a rip roarin' time! We discuss everything under the sun, including Donald Trump, covert government operations, social engineering, and even secret alien technology! Be sure to check out the guys at the OBDM podcast, it will be worth your time!
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#27 Black Lives Matter, An Honest Conversation

Mike joins me for the show today a young black man living in Dallas. Mike believes that he may have been considered one of the suspects in the Dallas police shooting. He discusses how he thinks that he may have been in a holding cell with one of the men the media was initially reporting to be a suspect as well. We also go into an in depth and honest conversation on race relations in the USA and how that affects people from all walks of life.

#26 Liberals Are Stupid!

In this episode, I breakdown some clips and articles giving very clear proof that liberal progressives are stupid. Some articles I cover and comment on are based around: Jonathan Mcintosh and his new video series called The Pop Culture Detective Agency -CRINGE- Mumford and sons boycotting Sweden due to refugee rape , A woman hitchhikes into the middle east in a wedding dress - for the last time, a white woman walks around the hood in Chicago wearing a sign that says "black America I'm sorry", Hillary Clinton saying that Trump will be a war criminal as she has a drone strike blackberry in her pocket, an article calling all white men racists, and several more.

#25 Dallas Shooting False Flag

In my 25th episode, I speak about the Dallas police shooting, which I believe was a false flag. This episode is raw and to the point. I am happy to welcome hundreds of new listeners to the show, and thank everyone for the continued support. I also discuss #blacklivesmatter and race relations in the USA. Humanity is much stronger when we are united. Do not buy into the elites' plan to divide us and conquer.

#24 Clinton Email Conspiracy #RIGGEDSYSTEM

The Hillary Clinton scandal has been going on for quite some time, and it is a conspiracy being operated in plain sight. Our government is corrupt from top to bottom, and they do not care what we see, or what we know, as they are above the law. If you are rich and garner political power in the USA, the rule of law does not apply to you. Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a few days later FBI director James Comey announces massive amounts of evidence, seemingly leading up to an indictment. The world was dumbfounded when he said that no reasonable prosecutor would take this to trial. What do you think of this format?

#23 Feminism And The Regressive Left Ft. Modern Medusa

Modern Medusa joins us this week to talk about feminism and the modern regressive left. Women have an unseen privilege when it comes to the new media and we are planning on abusing it here today! We also discuss Libertarian ideas and some of the misconceptions people have when it comes to the left right paradigm. Be sure to visit Modern Medusa/Vanessa :
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#22 Anti Trump Protesters Are Terrorists Ft. Taco Salad

The very loud and very aggressive anti Donald Trump protests have been taken to an all new level. We have seen a massive increase in violence being pushed front and center, and law enforcement stands by and witnesses the violence. Most of the Trump protesters have no clue WHY they are protesting, let alone WHAT they are protesting. Today I am joined by Taco Salad, another pissed off American. When do the lies and violence stop?
Be sure to check out Taco Salad:
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#21 Orlando Shooting False Flag , Hoax ?

In this episode we discuss the Orlando shooting. Was this a hoax? Was it a false flag? What type of operation was this? There are conflicting reports and eyewitness testimony that leads me to believe that something fishy might be going on here. I have the utmost sympathy for the victims families. This type of nonsense needs to stop, but the answer is NOT gun control.

#20 Honest Conversation With A Muslim In Pakistan

Today we have a unique opportunity to discuss Islam openly with Mohammed who lives in Pakistan. He is a lifelong follower of Islam and lends some unique insight into Islamic American relations, world politics, gun rights, the presidential election, Donald Trump, and much more. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak openly about Islam, and ask the hard questions that the mainstream media is afraid to ask. Is Islam a religion of peace?

#19 Aliens And Psychic Readings With Erin Ekstasis

Alien abductions and psychic readings. Today's show is joined by Erin Ekstasis, a self proclaimed psychic and victim of alien abduction. This episode tests my current belief system and discusses topics well outside of the mainstream. I am introduced to Indigo Children, past lives, and get my first ever psychic reading with tarot cards. Be sure to check out Erin Ekstasis: www.facebook.com/erin.ekstasis.7

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast #18 Libertarian Trump Supporter Contrarian Dude

Contrarian Dude, a Liberatarian Youtuber joins us to discuss his support for the Donald Trump presidential campaign. We discuss a lot of great topics including the broken school system, college crybabies, and the state of the union. Be sure to check out Contrarian Dude on Youtube and Twitter: www.youtube.com/c/successcouncil twitter.com/ContrarianDude

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast #17 Black Donald Trump Supporter In Compton

LaShawn Riggeson, a Black Donald Trump supporter living in Compton California joins. We have some open and honest discussions regarding race, black culture, black communities and more. LaShawn is currently using his voice to spread Donald Trump's message within the black community. We also have a detailed and honest discussion about the "N" word. We also get to the bottom of the question; "Is Donald Trump a racist?"

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast #16 Life Long Alien Abduction Family Part 2

The anticipated second episode of the Life Long Abduction Family series. The matriarch of the family had the courage to step forward and have a candid discussion about how she has been visited by an alien presence since she was in her teens. Missing days, lost time, and otherworldy planets. This episode is literally out of this world! 

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast #15 Life Long Alien Abduction Family Part 1

Part one of the Life Long Alien Abduction Family series. In this episode I recount my personal alien contact and discuss abductions with a life long victim of alien interference. Robert has been plagued his entire life by an alien presence. This is his story.

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 14 Government Spying UK vs USA Social Autopsy

In this episode we cover government surveillance not only here in the USA but also in the UK. We also discuss gun ownership and gun rights in the USA vs the UK. Our guest Dean had a lot to discuss with me, and we cover some really great information. Thanks for sticking with me and be sure to let me know if there are any topics you would like to hear discussed!
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Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 13 Honest Conversation w/ A Transgender Woman

Blaire White a young transgender woman was nice enough to come on the show and have an honest and open conversation about being transgender. The transgender issue is a hot topic right now, and I think that a lot of people do not quite understand the issue. If you are looking for answers, this episode will fill that need.
Say hi to Blaire:

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 12 A Conversation With A Bernie Sanders Supporter

After searching and searching, I was finally able to find a devout Bernie Sanders supporter to come on the show and discuss Bernie and his policies. Charles was nice enough to come on and have and honest discussion with me. We cover some interesting topics and the overall political landscape in the USA this election cycle. If you would like to see another episode featuring Charles, please let me know and I can make it happen.

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 11 Special Guest Taco Salad!

Taco Salad joins me for our eleventh episode. We cover a lot of ground in this episode. What is the mindset of leftists? Who will be the next president? Are all white people really racist? All of these questions and more will be answered in this episode. Be sure to check out Taco Salad!
Red Robot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcze4lyeMy8f0hxtVTajP7Q
The B List: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCqM79gAAh-l9R2sQIKnDQg

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 10 Special Guest Joe Wagner W/ OBDM Podcast!

This week I am excited to have Joe Wagner from the Our Big Dumb Mouth Podcast as a special guest. Joe is a liberty minded person that has a lot of great information to share. In this show we discuss a lot of great stuff, including the current political climate, and some social justice warrior madness. Be sure to check out Joe and OBDM , I promise it will be worth your time!

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 9 Special Guest DN Chico w/ Dissent Radio!

This week we have a special guest, DN Chico from Dissent Radio! We go FAR down the rabbit hole, discussing politics, SJW culture, the regressive left, and who really runs the world. DN Chico is an astute young radio host that has a lot to share with the youth of this country. He is well informed, and conveys a message of freedom and critical thinking. Check him out at:

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 8 Vaxxed, Illegal Drugs, and The chalkening

The Chalkening was very traumatic for some poor college kids this week. A Trump tombstone was found in Central Park. We discuss the private prison system and illegal drugs. We also discuss the Vaxxed movie being pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. All this, and much much more!

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 7 Trump Protests And Mind Control

Donald Trump protests have been taking the country by storm, but who is REALLY behind it? We also go over the mind control of the mainstream media, and how we are all indoctrinated from birth. We can only save the world if we work together!

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Ep. 6 Racism and Secret Societies

In this episode we discuss racism and secret societies. Who killed Michael Jackson? Is Dave Chappelle really a crazy doper? Who REALLY runs the world?

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Episode 5 Special Guest Zane, purgatory Bliss Punk rock Band


This week we welcome our first guest, Zane from the Utah based punk rock band Purgatory Bliss. We discuss a lot of great topics, including the current state of the music industry, politics, the new Ghostbusters movie, and much more! Check out Purgatory Bliss on Twitter And Reverb Nation! https://twitter.com/PurgatoryBliss



Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Episode 4 Incorrect Predictions And #SJW Madness!

In this weeks episode I cover some fun #sjw topics, the current election hijinx, and even rappers wearing miniskirts! Check out this new natural and cheap laundry soap. I liked it so much I had to share it! Cheap and green!
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Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Episode 3 Independent Media Decapitated Feet

In Episode 3 I discuss the decapitated feet in british columbia,the new independent media kickstarter from James Corbett and corbettreport.com www.kickstarter.com/projects/141490…f=project_tweet
Thanks for listening!

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Episode 2 2016 Presidential Election Predictions!

Episode 2 of the Wolves And Sheeple Podcast has arrived! In this episode I cover some more social justice warrior crap, including our good friend Franchesca Ramsey. I also cover some of my personal predictions for 2016. Are you awake or are you running with the Sheeple?

Wolves And Sheeple Podcast Episode 1 Secret Transgender Dating In Oregon

This is the first episode of the Wolves And Sheeple podcast! In this show I cover some social justice warrior themes, including transgender dating. I also give my opinion on the Oregon standoff and general big government antics. Thanks for checking out our first show, I look forward to recording the next episode!

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