Gilbert Arizona Apartment Fire 4/23/2016

    I was minding my own business today in Gilbert Arizona, when I heard a massive explosion. I immediately thought that a bomb went off at the police station that is close to my headquarters. Everyone on my block rushed outside to see what happened. After chatting with my neighbors briefly we decided to hop in the car and check out what was happening. It is interesting what goes through your mind when something like this happens. Car crash? Terrorist attack? Power plant explosion? It ended up being a massive apartment fire. The buildings were still under construction, but it ended up spreading to a nearby apartment complex that is currently being occupied.

    The entire neighborhood and surrounding areas poured out into the streets. Traffic was bumper to bumper and no one seemed to know what was going on. I was able to find a pretty good spot to film the catastrophe, and got some pretty good footage. I also had an anonymous source send me some even better footage. The flames were about 3 stories tall when I first showed up, and the sky was close to being blacked out with dark smoke. I heard at least three more explosions. I asked a couple of cops what was going on, and none of them would go "on the record" and give me an official statement, other than the obvious "there is a fire" comment.

    I found it interesting that none of the law enforcement people or even the news talked about the explosion. It makes you wonder what the origin of the fire was. Was it an accident? Was it arson? Did someone actually set off a bomb? I don't know, but I find it hard to believe that the entire apartment complex was able to come to a raging inferno in just a few minutes. It seemed a little bit suspicious to me. It will be interesting to follow what happens with how many cases of arson and insurance fraud there is in this country. Anyways, just a few thoughts on the situation. Here is the footage below. What do you think?