Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Today I went to the gas station to fill up and grab a quick drink. A van pulled up next to me, and a crazy looking tattooed bald guy had a bunch of birds crawling all over him. I immediately thought to myself, "wow this guy looks crazy I have to get a picture of this guy!" I politely asked if I could get a picture and he teased me with the response "No of course you can't take my picture." He laughed and then agreed to take the photo I desired.

I pulled my phone out, and instead of snapping a photo, I took some quick video. After I stopped filming we continued talking, and I was quite surprised. He was very funny, and had an air of kindness and respect about him. As I drove off I thought more about the encounter, and  came back to the age old saying "never judge a book by it's cover". What kind of man, would show this type of love and respect for another living being? What kind of person cares so much that he cannot stand being away from his feathered friends for any long period of time?

That then led me to my next thoughts. You really can't tell anything about a person until you talk to them. Many well respected people that are filled with evil and misery are well dressed. George Bush wore a suit. Hillary Clinton wears a pantsuit (sheesh I can't believe I have now typed the word pantsuit). Some of the most evil criminals in the world wear ten thousand dollar suits. I was inspired by this gentleman, and I hope that I can lower my own snap judgement of people that I come across. I hope that we all can be a bit less judgmental of others based on appearances alone.

Here is the video of this super nice guy!