Ghostbusters Flops And Bombs

    I previously created a video called "Boycott Ghostbusters" for the sole purpose of putting my money where my mouth is. I created this video in response to the movie's first trailer, as it was so bad that it was actually insulting to watch. It was highly offensive watching a classic comedy treasure being flushed down the toilet by a washed up pandering director, Paul Feig. I mean, just LOOK at this guy! He is an absolute CUCK!

I assure you this guy has never had to defend himself in a fist fight. He probably also can't drive an automobile, grill a steak, or even do something as simple as laying a concrete patio. This guy has been traversing the media circuit calling anyone that does not drool over his crappy movie sexists, misogynists, and "stupid fanboys." Give me a break. The fact that Sony thought it would be a good idea to have this panty-waste direct the Ghostbusters remake shows that they are completely out of touch with reality.  Tom Rothman, the head honcho over at Sony Pictures had this to say: "Everybody says I'm making the female Ghostbusters, but I say, 'No, we're making the funny Ghostbusters.' Yes, it happens to be four women. It's original. You get pissing and moaning on the Internet — sexist comments – but, you know, fuck 'em."

Is that so Tom? Fuck em'? You actually had the gonads to call the original Ghostbusters unfunny? Well guess what you little weasel? You got BURNED so hard. Instead of trying to embrace the people that are the main consumer of your product, you alienated them. You pulled the classic social justice warrior move of the ad hominem full frontal assault. Instead of trying to shape the narrative of the press showing Ghostbusters 2016 in a good light, you attacked your critics. You went full Mcintosh and pulled out the old Sarkeesian victim card. Time and time again this strategy has proven to be a big fat failure. It is the exact same "you're a racist card" that is backfiring on the anti-Trump camp. Instead of attacking the ideas, or arguing positions, you attacked the wrong people, and you PAID dearly for it. Even Donald Trump knows that an all female cast is a terrible idea:

    So here we are, four weekends in, and you have failed. You might have had a chance if you didn't attack your audience. Hollywood is so deeply entrenched in a liberal echo chamber, that you actually think that everyone holds your garbage leftist viewpoints. Well guess what Hollywood, we don't. There are actually millions of people done with your virtue signalling pandering, and we have had enough. Tons of people skipped out on this movie as a direct response to your insults and nasty rhetoric. The box office numbers have crashed and burned. Not only is it crashing, but I doubt it will get a sequel at this point. I am sure that the shareholders at Sony are squirming in their seats at this point. Sony Pictures is proving that they are more worried about pushing an agenda instead of making federal reserve notes. People have had enough of the feminist crap. Even the average person is wising up to the lies and hatred that come out of the social justice warrior crowd. Let's look at how much money Sony is losing:

Yep. Total failure. I guess there weren't enough feminists with jobs that could attend the movie. Even the lying, slanted, and biased rotten tomatoes reviews couldn't save your cruddy film. At this point, it's time for you wimps to take your purses and go home. Your movie is a flop, and I hope you learned your lesson. If there is a sequel, the numbers will be even worse than they are this time around. With a ridiculous $140 million dollar budget, this movie is going to go down in history as a huge mistake...