Racist Indoctrination And White Privilege

    I came across this video today, and it is a great example of how our culture in education and mass media indoctrinates our children. Here we have a 14 year old boy wearing pink shoes giving a feminist slam poetry presentation about white privilege.

    From cradle to grave, we are taught the myth of an invisible white privilege. We are said to have a magical invisible leg up on every other class in this country. The straight white male is hammered with lies and falsehoods, all the while being misguided by their social justice warrior mothers. 
Income Levels By Race
This link shows that in the USA, Asians make way more than any other racial demographic on average than every other group, including whites. Is this not an inherent hidden Asian privilege? No. Asian culture is drastically different. Many Asian families teach strong moral values and work ethics. Asian-Americans work their butts off, they earn every bit of what they get in this world. They are taught strong family values, as a culture they celebrate successful people. They are fiercely dedicated to making it in the world, and having nice homes and nice cars. They value education and hard work.

This is NOT Asian privilege. This is culture, handed down from parents to children. If you argue that there is racism and white privilege, than you have to completely ignore the Asian community in this country. If white people are actively holding minorities back, then why are Asians leading the pack? The white privilege myth erodes quickly when you look at facts over indoctrination.

    Now, look at culture in a lot of poor black communities. Black children are being raised by single mothers, with children from different men, all while living on government assistance and/or low paying jobs. Crime rates in the country continue to slide in an overall decline, while many black areas are still slowly on the rise. Why? Racism? White people? Slavery?

It comes down to culture. Look at what poor black communities value. They look up to drug dealers, rappers that glorify violence, and sports stars that often times are doing the same thing. Success and self reliance is looked down upon, people that try and get out of the hood are called Oreos and sellouts. People that try to speak proper English are hassled and accused of "acting white." Living this lifestyle is not only accepted, but praised in many cases. Even with all of the available benefits available in education and the workplace, this self-oppressing culture cycle continues. The worst part? People on the left and our leftist politicians enable this mindset. They continue to push lies and excuses instead of focusing on the real problems. Black people are taught at a young age that it is okay to fail, because if they do, it is white people's fault.

Our country provides evidence that anyone can accomplish anything, regardless of skin color or socioeconomic background. We have amazingly strong,intelligent, and self reliant blacks in the highest levels of business and government. This is NOT a race problem, it is a culture problem.

It disgusts me to see the political class in this country pander to minorities in this country, treating them as if they are not good enough to achieve what they are capable of. Giving them a pass on all accounts instead of helping to prop them up in a productive way. The black lives matter phenomenon is a manifestation of years and years of this rhetoric. Everyone is afraid to say these things, as they do not want to lose votes or be called a racist.The establishment dishes out excuses instead of solutions. They take the blame and point at slavery,racism,the police,white privilege,and more.

Well guess what. I think that you are ALL capable of anything that you want to achieve. I know that blacks and other minorities are worthy of successful happy lives. I know that even with the differences in cultures in this country, that you CAN make it, and you CAN break these cycles. There are tons of strong intelligent black men and women in this country that do not have this toxic mindset. I see amazing people in this country from all kinds of different backgrounds attaining their own piece of what was once called The American Dream. I know that these people are making it on their own accord. They do not need excuses or blame. They do not need white people or anyone else to do it for them.

With all of that being said, my message to all strong successful minorities in this country is this: We need you to step up. We need you to take your success and flaunt it at the world. Lead your groups to victory. Help break the cycle of excuses and lies. With the current racial tensions being pushed by the political ruling class, we need strong minorities to lead. We need a new MLK to stand out and put an end to the cycle of lies and excuses. I know you don't need me, or anyone else to do it for you, because you are strong and fully capable of doing it for yourselves. 

I value you and what you are capable of.