Racist Chinese Commercial VS Acceptable Italian Commercial

A 9 year old Chinese commercial depicting a "dirty" black man is making the rounds with the social justice warrior crybabies. The commercial shows a black man approaching an Asian woman, and then being dumped into a washing machine. Once the cycle completes, a freshly bathed Asian man comes out sparkling like the morning dew. Here is the video:

According to progressives, this commercial is "disturbingly racist." It is also outrages. How dare they insinuate that black men are dirty?!? The screaming and shouting over racism is going to go on for the next several days, maybe even longer depending on how many pairs of panties this bunches up. By American leftist standards, this would be considered racist, based on the fact that it is a black guy. As we watch the video, we see that nothing racist actually happens. We see that it is literally just two different men. I assume that this is what the people in China see too. They see two men acting in a commercial, and I doubt that they see any type of racist overtones. In the USA, anything is racist. If you even utter the word "black" or "white" it is immediately deemed racist. 

Now, let's look at the flip side of this coin. A similar commercial in Italy aired a while back, and it was the same exact premise. The only difference is that the dirty man is an Italian. The clean man is a black man. The commercial even goes on to say that "coloured is better." Take a look at the video here:

This is a SHINING example of the hypocritical nature of the social justice warrior mindset. This commercial is viewed as being funny. It is deemed acceptable because the dirty man is not a black man. This just goes to prove the point that the TRUE racists in The United States, are the regressive leftists. This also goes to show that the rest of the world isn't constantly obsessing over race and race relations. We can learn several things from this new manufactured outrage. This is a great piece to to use when analyzing the behavior of the left. This also goes to show that the real reason racism will not die, is because we have changed the definition. Racism is now any action that has anything to do with people that are not white. This also leads us to believe that there are high levels of acceptable racism against whites. The roles have switched, and the SJW's are right, there is no such thing as racism. There is just racism, and white people get to play the role of the minority in the USA. Welcome to bizarro world!