Racists And Racism

    The "progressive left is absolutely obsessed with race. They talk about it in every single situation, regardless if it is appropriate, and regardless if it makes sense in the context it is used. If you want to vote for Trump, you are racist. If you disagree with illegal immigration, you are racist. If you think it is odd that men want to dress up like women, you are a bigoted racist. The examples go on into infinity. It has been used and overused to such an extent, that it is beginning to lose it's true meaning. Based on the coveted dictionary:

Simple Definition of racism
: poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race
: the belief that some races of people are better than others

    This word has now been hijacked, and is used to shout down and silence anyone that wishes to talk about real issues in this world. If you don't want to see illegal immigrants or "refugees" invading your country, you are immediately labeled a racist. In this example, the race card is pulled, therefor invalidating anything the filthy racist says about the topic. The new usage of the word racist has nearly been turned into a verbal weapon.

The New Racists

There is a new breed of racism in the United States that is also infecting the world like a plague. This new cult is now using the past plight of minority groups to mistreat people that look European or "white". Colleges across the country now regularly have meetings where there are "no whites allowed", unless of course the white person happens to be gay or trans. You get a pass if you aren't straight.  Furthermore, this trend has devolved into the new found "safe spaces" where people of color segregate themselves from the white population.

It took our country a very long time to defeat racism and segregation, and now it is back in full force, except this time, it is being perpetrated by the victims of the past. These self imposed safe spaces are basically Jim Crow 2.0. It is laughable that the comeback of segregation is now in the hands of the minority population in this country. Martin Luther King Jr. would be so shocked and ashamed if he saw that we have now come full circle.

Whites Only

    There is a new Whites Only taking place in modern times, but there is a fun little twist to it. Only whites can be racist. Only whites owned slaves. Only whites aren't allowed into this specified location or media. #oscarssowhite . The list goes on and on. Of course, there is still a small segment of Americans that are traditionally racist, but I believe that the numbers are dwindling every single year, and with every generation. The new, improved, and more fashionable racism, is now against straight white males. Do not attempt to have an honest conversation regarding race, or anything for that matter, or you will just be called a racist.

Rules For Whites From The Social Justice Warriors

  1. Do not talk about race, that's racist
  2. Talk about race, if not, you are racist
  3. Do not date white women exclusively, that is racist.
  4. If you date someone that is not white, that is racist cultural fetishism.
  5. If you only have White friends, that is racist.
  6. If you have a group of friends, and some are not white, they are just tokens. Still racist.
  7. Do not listen to "black music" that is racist cultural appropriation.
  8. Do not use, listen to, read, consume, anything that is not from your culture, racist.
  9. Do not vote for anyone other then Hillary Clinton, that's racist.

    I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. People are sick of this rhetoric, and people are beginning to see through it. Donald Trump has been gaining extreme momentum, and I think that this subject is a large part of the reason why. People are sick of it. Can you imagine what it feels like to constantly be called a racist? There are a lot of good people in this world, from all walks of life, and racism on both ends needs to stop. 

This tactic is counter productive, and is only pissing people off.