Black lives matter supporter threatens Trump supporter

I recently became aware of the #BLM (black lives matter) college student that publically threatened a fellow student because she had a “Trump” sticker on her laptop. The student is named Clifford Durand and attends St. John’s University. He tweeted “7000 retweets and I’ll smash this bitches computer”,  and immediately got massive support from the liberal left, many of which are black lives matter activists.  I am not going to continue rehashing the story, as I am sure you have already heard about it. What I want to do is discuss the racial implications and how it affects our society.

The offending threatening tweet...

The offending threatening tweet...

This young 18 year old college student obviously did not think before he posted his tweet. I personally doubt he was planning to go through with it. I understand making political statements, and that’s fine with me, but when it leads to violence and threats, that’s when I draw the line in the sand. I think we can read his statement as “Trump and all white people are racist, and f*** that.” This is just another example of the distorted world view the social justice warrior liberal left maintains. EVERYTHING is racist. EVERYTHING is sexist. EVERYONE is being oppressed. ALL white people are racist. At what point do we, as a society, let these falsehoods go? When will we start judging people on who they are, and not what they are? I can only imagine what it feels like going through your entire life looking at everything in this manner. Every single event that happens in your life would then be attributed to racism. Can you imagine looking at everyone with lighter skin and immediately thinking they are racists?

This rhetoric needs to end. The constant bombardment of this racial pot stirring needs to end. I think that Clifford is a product of our mainstream media. He has been trained from a young age to think like this. The zombie box furthers this agenda of labeling all white people as racists. People ACTUALLY think that Trump is a racist. He may be a shill, and he may be a puppet, but I highly doubt he is a racist. His remarks have been twisted by the “news” to fit this racially dividing paradigm. I predict that we are going to see this mental race war escalate into further violence. We are going to see more  and more violence perpetrated by the liberal left, all in the name of racial justice. I think that a lot of people are going to get hurt, and possibly killed. The media will twist it, to continue making people of color the victims.

Do not buy this scam. Most people aren’t racist.