Going To The Phoenix Trump Rally 8/31

    Donald Trump is having a rally in Phoenix Arizona today, August 31st 2016. I will be attending the rally along with a sidekick. I will be conducting interviews with both Trump supporters, and Trump protesters. Today's rally is supposed to be very highly significant, as Trump will be officially laying out his immigration plans which have proven to be very controversial. Arizona has always been a hot bed for immigration discussion with it being a border state with a large Hispanic population. I have personally spent a lot of time on the border, and on both sides of the border as well. Donald Trump was widely criticized for this statement:

How true are these statements? A lot of Mexican-Americans took a great deal of offense to these comments. A lot of people viewed this comment as false. The "Trump is racist" rhetoric, is directly derived from this comment. A lot of people cross the border illegally in order to work, and search for better opportunities than they are afforded south of the border. Others cross the border to run from problems they do not wish to face in their mother country. Take a look at this statistics:

Look at how many CRIMINALS have been deported. Trump's statement rings true if we look at the actual numbers. He may have been able to word this a bit differently, but the facts remain the same: we have an illegal immigrant crime problem. Trump is planning to address this problem today, and announce several changes to his platform, one of those changes might be some sort of temporary amnesty. Is amnesty the solution? Maybe, maybe not. I believe that we have an opportunity to change the course of this country for the better. 

    I plan to document the Trump event from the outside, and the inside. I will be speaking with protesters and supporters alike. We are going to be geared up with multiple cameras and microphones. I am a peaceful person, but not all of the protesters have proven to hold the same non-violent stance as myself:

    I believe that most people are reasonable, but even with that being said, WISH ME LUCK! I will be asking some interesting questions, and I hope to have some super entertaining content for you all over the next few days. Thank you for the continued support, and I will continue doing my best to bring you exciting and entertaining content! Be sure to follow me on Twitter for my Tweet storm from the convention center.