The links below are either past guests on our podcast, or people that I Greatly respect. I highly recommend everyone on this list, so go and check them out!


Peter Klein is a Youtuber and Radio host with a very long and impressive resume. His Youtube channel, Tyranny News Network covers information and subject matter that the mainstream media won't touch. His approach and commitment to investigating the truth is enthusiastic and thorough. I have looked up to Peter's work for a long time, and was very excited to have him on the show. Check out Peter's work:

Tyranny News Network Youtube

Fix The Media

Independent Media Solidarity




ODD Reality is a rapper and Youtube creator. He specializes in NWO and Flat Earth theories.

ODD Reality YouTube  ODD Reality Music Twitter



OBDM Podcast or Our Big Dumb Mouth is a great alternative media podcast. They cover all kinds of interesting content from conspiracies and aliens, to politics and media. Mike The Night Ripper is the main host. This show will always entertain!

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Joe Wagner/Face Replacer is the co-host of the OBDM podcast. He also creates Instagram memes for the world to enjoy. 

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Contrarian Dude is a Libertarian Youtuber and commentator. He sees the world from a very Libertarian and common sense lens. He creates important and interesting content that comes highly recommended.

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Purgatory Bliss is a punk rock band from Utah. Zane is the mastermind behind this group, and they produce hard hitting political themed punk rock that would satisfy any fan of the spirit of anti-authority punk music.

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Erin Ekstasis is a free spirited spiritualist that has a deep rooted connection with human nature.  She performs readings and live streams her thoughts on Youtube regularly. If you need to hear a kind voice, drop by and say hello

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Blair White is a leading voice standing against social justice warriors and far left nonsense. She busts myths revolving around being transgender in the modern world, and takes no prisoners!

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Taco Salad is a Libertarian-ish jerkface Youtuber that comes on the podcast from time to time.

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Modern Medusa is an up and coming Artist, Musician, and Youtuber. She also has had enough of the social justice warriors in the world like the rest of us!

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DN Chico is the host of the podcast Dissent Radio. His podcast covers world issues and politics from a very sophisticated yet youthful world view.

Podcast Twitter Youtube




LaShawn Riggeson is a political commentator that lives in Compton CA. He also happens to support Trump and promotes political discussion in his neighborhood.






Ken O'Keefe is a worldwide political activist that makes the news rounds all over the world. His love for humanity shows in his activism and courage. He truly wants to make the world a better place. Be sure to check out his World Citizen Solutions campaign.

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Ben Swann is the only mainstream media reporter that I trust. He covers all of the topics that the other "journalists" won't even look at. His bold and honest reporting is very important when the establishment media is outright propaganda.

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