Was Hillary Wearing An Earpiece?

    Hillary Clinton was spotted with a device inside her ear during the recent "town hall" she took part in with Donald Trump. During the entire question and answer session, she seemed distracted, almost as if she was listening to someone. Screen grabs and photos of the event show that she had some type of device installed in her ear:

    What could this be? Is this a hearing aid? Is it possible that Hillary Clinton is losing her hearing, and needs some medical support? I don't think so, but either way this is NOT good for Hillary Clinton. It is either going to make her look more medically unfit, or prove that she has been cheating and using outside assistance, like the good puppet she is.

  If Hillary is in fact using an earpiece, what does that tell us? It would tell us that her words are not her own, and that someone is behind the scenes coaching her, or even telling her exactly what to say. Is George Soros backstage, feeding her lines and helping sick Hillary in her time of need? Or could it be Huma Abedin? Huma seems to be pulling a lot of the puppet strings behind the scenes, so I wouldn't doubt that she is the one feeding her information. In fact, Huma is well aware of Hillary Clinton's earpiece as you can see in this Wikileaks sourced email:

    So what do you think? Is Hillary hard of hearing, or is she being fed lines from behind the scenes? Comment below and let me know!