Who Are The Dallas Black Lives Matter Protest Shooters?

    During the #blacklivesmatter protest in Dallas Texas tonight, another shooting took place. This time it wasn't a civilian shooting, it was a police shooting. So far, police have shown one suspect, a black man that appears to be carrying a gun on his shoulder. I will not be sharing a picture of this man, as there were several tweets floating around saying that this gentleman was NOT a suspect. I will not be taking part in accusing an innocent law abiding gun owner. The story as I understand, was that he gave up his rifle to a police officer out of respect. It appears he has turned himself in. Multiple news agencies are reporting that they have a suspect that I believe is the same person.

    Four police officers and eleven more were shot during the "peaceful" protest tonight. Early reports indicate that it was two different shooters. As most shooting events, this story is unfolding in a very unclear way. Multiple videos have come out from different people attending the event that contain very clear sounds of gun fire. The police have also stated that they have received bomb threats in addition to further violence. They have also claimed to have "pinned down" a suspect in a building. We shall see. I will be updating via twitter and have a full report on the early details tomorrow.

    This is a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theory website. I would now like you to indulge me in my early theories as to who did the shooting and what the motivations are. As most people know, there are multiple government sanctioned false flag attacks all over the world, and have been for as long as history has been written. I am not inclined to think that this is a #blacklivesmatter shooting for a few reasons. First off, it seems like it was very well organized. Most of the BLM events are based on emotions running high. When there is violence, it is usually spur of the moment in an instance of weakness. This does not smell like that type of situation. If there were to be a shooting perpetrated by BLM, I think it would most likely be a handgun style random assault, not a military style event.

    I have two loose theories as to who the shooters are. The first, is that it is a government operation in the style of Gladio. Race relations have been intentionally stoked by our political and media class for quite some time, and the clock has been ticking for this type of event to pop off. BLM has been funded and paid for by George Soros and other globalist elite style groups and individuals and I can easily see them wanting to escalate things further. Broken race relations in the United States means that the population is divided, especially during an election year. Many people make the mistake that it is a "White vs. Black" problem, when it really is an "Us vs. Them" issue. If this was a government operation, expect to see a patsy, dead or alive, that is a white militant racist type. The story will be ultra over the top, but the story will NOT match the actually backstory of the person named, much like many of the patsy perps of the past.

    My second theory, is that it will be a lone wolf group, much like the father and son shooters in D.C. It could be racist whites, or it could be racist blacks. I do not believe that racism is a huge problem in this country. Most people get along just fine and just want to live their lives and be left alone. With that being said, there are still ultra racists from all walks of life. If it is a lone wolf duo, I would expect them to be related in some way, or lifelong friends. I think this situation is much less likely than the first. It will all depend on what the narrative for the story is going to be, which will be unfolding over the next couple of days.

    I also have a long-shot theory. The last false flag was in Orlando. I do not know if or how many people died, or how reality matches up with the official story. The one thing I do know, is that the FBI was heavily involved, and nine out of ten times the FBI is behind the perp from the start. The last theory is that it could get pinned on another Muslim. The powers that be LOVE to have people hating Muslims. The media has a hay-day portraying everyone as racists, especially white people. The reason I think this is more of a long shot is that I do not think they want Muslims and Blacks divided to the level that they want everyone else divided against whites. We shall see as the story unfolds.

    Please keep in mind, these are just theories. I wish the best for everyone and hope that we all come out of this with as little violence as possible. My thoughts go out to those negatively affected by this horrible event. Try and stay away from the anti-gun nonsense that is sure to start spreading in the media. Remember, disarming law abiding citizens cannot and will not prevent gun violence. The only thing that can change violence is a change in culture.