Electronic Civil Forfeiture Card Reader - ERAD

 Civil forfeiture is the law enforcement practice of confiscating money and property from someone under the guise of being suspected of a crime. This practice began during the drug war in the 80's. Politicians and law enforcement created a fear campaign stating that they needed to hinder drug dealers flow of money in order to avoid flight risk. A typical scenario would be that a drug bust would result in a suspect taking their cash and drug earnings and flee the country, basically going on "the lam." Cops argued that they needed to remove the due process in order to lower the risk and helping them to "fight crime.: 

    The thing is, this is not the way this is used in modern America. The government and law enforcement have now twisted the use of this already constitution breaking practice to suit their own policing for profits agenda. The powers that be have redefined what is considered suspicious activity. In one scenario an officer pulled over a person driving to check a car for possible purchase. Of course, like anyone buying a used car, he had several thousand dollars cash on his person. He was pulled over in a routine traffic stop and had all of his cash confiscated. This example shows that they have indeed redefined what they consider to be criminal activity. But the real question is why?

Policing For Profits

    The widely unknown evils of civil forfeiture, is that police are doing it for their own personal gain. Law enforcement actually gets a cut, or a commission off of the money they steal from citizens. The money is actually divided among officers, and then the remainder will go to the department as revenue. This creates a multitude of problems. This gives police an incentive to manufacture suspects. It gives them more motivation to pull more people over. It gives them a reason to lie. Incentive based policing should never be allowed. It usurps the basic reason that law enforcement exists which is to protect the citizens of this country. Can you imagine having your mortgage payment stolen over a speeding ticket? Can you imagine your savings being depleted over an incomplete stop? This is a very corrupt and very serious problem.

Electronic Civil Forfeiture

    With more and more banking institutions pushing for a more cash-less society, police officers are missing out. They are missing out on opportunity to steal from citizens. They are missing out on all that hard-stolen money that they could be getting their corrupt hands on. Good news for cops, and bad news for us! A new device has been released, and is not being used by Oklahoma law enforcement criminals. This new device is called an ERAD, and it allows cops to swipe your credit cards, and confiscate every last dime you have. If you get pulled over by an officer looking to make a quick buck, it could easily ruin your life. You could lose everything, your home, your car, your savings, and more. These tactics are some of the most unconstitutional policies used and abused by police. It violates our fourth amendment rights, and violates the basic principles of due process. This must stop.  

What Can Be Done?

    Fighting against tyranny is hard. The state usually sides against the common citizen. The first thing that we can do, is educate more people. The average American has no idea that civil forfeiture exists, let alone in an electronic form. This is a problem that can affect anyone, regardless of status, race, gender, or any other differences we may have. Freedom is a principle that should be enjoyed by all of us, and this practice is pure corruption. Educating people is the first step, and the most important. The more people that learn about this issue, the more people that will care and understand it. The next thing you can do, is petition your representatives. I know this is a long shot, but the more people that get involved, the harder it is to ignore us. Also, you can keep an eye on the company. If you are a business owner, you can refuse to do business with them. Put them in the public eye and let people know that they are enabling this vile behavior. The company that sells the platform is ERAD Group Inc.

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