You Are Being Stalked

You are being tracked, watched, followed, and stalked. There is a shadowy group watching your every move. They know where you are, and when you are there. They might not be close, but they can see you right now. Not only can they see you, but they can hear every word you speak. Don't bother trying to type or text something, because they can read every word you communicate. This creepy stalking is real, and it is happening 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This stalker is not an ex-boyfriend. This stalker isn't some weirdo from that internet dating site you use. It is the NSA, sponsored by the Unite States government, and funded by your income tax dollars.

    It has been widely known that the NSA was spying on every world citizen for quite some time, but the story hit the mainstream when information was released by Edward Snowden with the help of Glen Greenwald from The Guardian. When this happened, I was overcome with joy. I thought that this was going to be the event that woke up our sleeping population. I imagined people would be up in arms marching in protest. I was excited, to say the least. I never could have been more wrong.

    After the story broke, there were a handful of people that were upset. People in the know, already understood this information. We already knew that we were being spied on. The only difference now, was that people weren't going to call us conspiracy nuts anymore. The doors were blown open, every person on the face of the earth knew of this horrendous invasion of privacy. Some "normal"  people complained, but then that was about it. 

    Once the initial story came out, the media went into propaganda overdrive. "Officials" called for  swift action, wanting Snowdens head on a stake. The mainstream media called him all kinds of dirty words, like spy and traitor. As history shows, Snowden stayed away from the USA due to our horrible nazi like treatment of whistleblowers. The media ridiculed him, abusted him, and did everything they could to villlify him. If Snowden ever does come back to the states, I fully expect him to spen the rest of his life in prison, or to end up "committing suicide" wink wink.

    The most appalling thing out of all of this, is that most Americans just didn't care. You would constantly hear people saying things like "I'm not doing anything wrong, so what do I care" and "If it keeps us safe, they can spy all they want." This was shocking. Most people are very private with their cell phones, email, etc., and it is dumbfounding to think that they are so oblivious to the amount of access the government has to our information.

    Next time you speak with someone regarding the NSA spying, ask them if you can go through their phone. Ask them if you can look at every single text, photo, email, call history, and snapchat. When they say no, let them know that someone is already looking at all of that stuff. Now, imagine a few of these scenarios, and use them in discussion if you would like.

Your daughters webcam, in your daughters bedroom.
Every cell phone photo you have taken, and received.
Texts to your girlfriend,wife,boyfriend,husband.
All of your business dealings.
Your significant others location at all times.
All of your health records.
All of your passwords and login information.
All of your financial records.

    Now that you have pondered a few of these items, are you still okay with another human being, a stranger, having access to all of this at any time, on command? If you are being honest, you will say no. If not, enjoy your lack of privacy, I really hope that it doesn't come back to bite you in the end.