How to win any 9/11 argument

The terror attacks of September eleventh was the worst false flag event of modern history. It was a day that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives, much like the JFK assassination. Most people are so deep in slumber that they honestly and fervently believe the official story. This is a frustrating situation for anyone that understands the bare minimum truth: that 9/11 did not happen the way they said it did.

There are many theories surrounding this event. Some people believe it was the Mossad. Some people believe that it was Bush in concert with the military industrial complex. Others believe that it was the Saudis. Regardless of who, or how it happened, the truth is not certain. The official story paints a picture of terrorists from the middle east taking over commercial airliners with box cutters, all the while every single passenger does nothing to stop them.

The official story is so bogus, that it is hard to believe that the general population buys it, hook, like, and sinker. It can be quite frustrating speaking with people about this event, because they seem to be so blind and willfully ignorant. You might hear them say things that sound like mainstream media sound bytes. Some might say you are unpatriotic and disrespectful for questioning things, when this could not  be further from the truth. You can argue 9/11 until you are blue in the face, but you will never make any progress, until you bring out the smoking gun: Building 7.

Building 7 is the winning argument. No other high rise building has EVER fallen due to fire alone. It is scientifically impossible for this to happen. There have been numerous other buildings to have burned for much longer than building 7, yet they did not fall. Not only did they not fall, but they did not come crashing down to earth at free fall speeds. Out of all the lies told about that fateful day, this is the most obvious.

Next time you get into a discussion with a believer of the official story, bring up building 7. Don't add any theories. Don't talk about controlled demolitions or government involvement. Ask questions instead. Ask how it is possible for a building that is designed to burn for days, fell in a matter of hours to a few sporadic fires. Ask them why Larry Silverstein said to "pull it" on national tv. Once you have proposed your questions, leave it be. Let it simmer in your friends mind, and then bring it up at another date. If you are lucky, you will have begun the process of waking up another slumbering soul.

This is how you win any 9/11 argument.