The Wikileaks October Surprise Is Coming!

   The Wikileaks 10 year anniversary press conference took place early this morning in Berlin. The Wikileaks team physically appeared, and Julian Assange attended via Skype, wearing a black shirt with the word "truth" on the front in white lettering. The mainstream media and even the alternative media spun this event into an "October Surprise" event where Julian Assange was thought to be releasing more damaging evidence against Hillary Clinton. It turns out, no such announcement was made.

    So what happened exactly? The media is currently saying that Julian Assange is just "looking for attention" and that he "doesn't have anything." The alternative media is shouting that someone got to him, or that he has been compromised. Other's are saying he has been a shill all along. I disagree with all of these statements. In order to really understand what is going on, you have to look at Wikileaks over the last 10 years. There has never been a single instance of Assange letting us down. When he says he has something, he does. There is no argument. Every single leak has been ground breaking, and has blown the doors wide open on corruption.

   Last night, Assange did not leak anything, which was never the plan. Last night was simply a 10 year anniversary celebration and press event. People that were watching became restless quickly, as it was apparent from the start that no leaked information would be coming out. People that were paying attention heard something else though, the future of Wikileaks. Assange made the statement that they have over a million docs/leaks coming up, and the first one will be dropping THIS WEEK!. I believe that this just might be the October Surprise everyone has been waiting for.

    Julian Assange has a vested interest in shutting Hillary Clinton down. Recently it was revealed that Hillary Clinton called for the murder by drone of Assange in order to silence the Wikileaks organization. A member of Hillary Clinton's campaign said that we should use special forces and "shoot the SOB." Hillary Clinton has made it very clear that she is the enemy of Assange. I believe that Assange will do whatever he can to ensure that Hillary does not take the White House. I do not think he is a Trump supporter, but I feel he would take Trump over giving unfettered power to a family that want's to murder him.


Let me know in the comments below what you think. Keep an eye out for a leak coming this week!