Wolves And Sheeple is a multimedia operation covering a wide range of topics. This website has been designed for people that are awake, and to be shared with people that may have the chance of coming out of corporate new world order mind control programming. I have been "awake" for most of my life, and like many, felt that nothing could be done to save the world from the powers that be. I have toyed with this idea for many years, and always found a reason not to do it. That time is now over. I have created this space to be my voice against the new world order agenda. It is time to participate in the war for humanity, and I intend to use my assets to contribute my knowledge and passion with the world. The word "conspiracy theory" was created as a psy-op to discredit anyone that questioned the status quo. It is time to take that word back. The entire world is operating under one giant conspiracy, and it is not a theory. If you like what I do, please feel free to contact me. If I can reach just one person with my work, it will have all been worth it. Thanks for stopping by!

I would like to lay out some of my viewpoints, so that you can get a better idea of where I am coming from in my content. Here are my thoughts on a few subjects that I hope can lend some insight into how I think.


I do not align with typical political views. I believe the entire system is rigged, and I think that both "sides" work for one master, and it is NOT the American people. If I were to call myself anything, It would possibly be Libertarian. I think the system is designed against the people, and I believe it should be dismantled.


I was not raised with religion, but I have gone to church quite a bit in my lifetime. I personally do not believe in any organised religion. I am not an atheist, but I do not know which god I believe in. I believe that our universe and world has much more to it than meets the eye, and we all may just find out when we move on from this world. If you do practice religion, I respect that 100%, unless you use it in a manner that is unjust or infringes upon another persons freedom. Acts of violence and aggression are wrong, no matter what name you are doing it for. Extreme intolerant religion has no place in modern society.

Life Outside Of Our Planet

I believe that there must be life on other planets. I think that our universe is so vast, and unknown, that there must be life out there. There may also be life sitting right before our eyes that we might not be able to detect with our technology or physiology. There may be multiple universes sitting right on top of earth for all we know. I will discuss this topic further in other article and videos in the future.


I believe that there are forces at work in the world that we do not understand. Many people may call them multiple different names, like ghosts, spirits, demons, and more. We would be arrogant to think that we understand everything in our very minute knowledge of the way things work in the world. I will be touching on this subject as well.


The world is currently in danger of very dangerous consequences. The vast majority of governments are pure evil, and exist only to serve their masters. Government is a hoax of sorts, used to control and manipulate each and every one of us. We are all born into slavery and indentured servitude. We are issued a government generated identification number, and are violently forced to comply to the "laws" laid out before us. A large portion of the fruits of our labor are stolen from us by force, and used to wage bloody murderous wars. At this point in history, I believe mankind would fare better if all major governments were disbanded entirely.


Currently mainstream media (TV movies music news outlets internet websites etc.) Is used and designed as a tool to brainwash, program, and occupy the human mind. Next time you consume media, be more critical and really look at what the true message is. The media is controlled and operated by a very small amount of large mega corporations. They use this power as a form of propaganda, filling the average persons mind with the worldview and opinions that they want you to have. Think about the type of opinions you have on certain subjects, and you will find that this thought process was a plant. There has never been a time in our history that independent media has been needed so badly. Use your voice if you can.


The powers that be use our differences against us. They manipulate people into hating one another. They vilify certain groups one month, and then switch to the other side the next. They use race, religion, sexual preferences, gender, political affiliation, sports team favorites, nationality, class, money,etc. etc. etc. to divide mankind. A great example of this is the political system. People fervently defend the party they belong to, and have immense rage for opponents. Another great example is the Ferguson situation. The media used this to divide us on race, convincing people to hate each other based on skin color alone. People need to respect one another and band together, in order to preserve and advance humanity. You do not have to agree with a persons opinion or lifestyle, but as long as they are not hurting anyone else, then who cares?

Who Runs The World?

A lot of people that are not awake always cynically ask this question. I ask this question all the time. Who really runs the world? Some people say it is the New World Order. Others say it is the Illuminati. Other people say it is skull and bones or the Freemasons. I do not know who really runs the show, and I think that only a few people at the very top truly know the answer to this question. What I can tell you, is that if we all work together, one day we can identify the true power brokers and the evil cabal that they run, and peacefully oust them from the thrones they proclaim. People should be free. The time of Kings and Queens in the castle is over, and it is time to take our freedom back.

I will continue to add more of my philosophy to this page. If mankind unites, we may just have a chance to thrive.